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Dear consumers did you ever noticed what ingredients your shampoos contains ? Well 99% of people dosn't know what they are using. Your shampoos contains toxic chemicals that are linked to hair fall, irritation, dandruff, illness and even Cancer. Shampoos are used by Indians on a regular basis they are using shapoos weekly or daily. If you are using toxic shampoos regularly without knowing, then it might do more harm to your hair and scalp. By using these toxic shampoos available in the market will gradually weaken your hair and you may become bald. It is very important to use shampoo which is gentle on your hair and your scalp. So lets find out which shampoo is best for you.

Best shampoo in the Indian market without any toxic chemicals in it is Khadinatural products
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Food Adultetration in Chennai
Recycled food are served in restaurants across Chennai. The food that are left over are being server in all big restaurants in Chennai in the name of discounted buffe system. Poor food quality and poor quality of packaged drinking water are also sold to regular customers who love to eat out on a daily basis. We have to educate the manufacturers and food vendors on how to maintain high food quality.

The food quality department receives complaints and forwards it to the designated officers in that particular disctrict. These officers are rquired to investigate this complaint and send a report back to the office within 24 hours of time. Mny of the complaints are from the roadside food eateries and their unhygienic and inferior quality of food.

Public in Chennai is keep complaining that the milk is highly contaminated and it has been mixed with harful chemicals. Hotel and restaurants supply contaminated milk and milk products. The traders and owners are fighting to maintian the quality of food.
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