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Aavin Milk price increased by Rs. 6 per litre
Aavin Milk price increased by Rs. 6 per litre

The Tamilnadu state government on 17th Aug 2019 increased the selling preice Aavin Milk by Rs. 6 per litre. The procurement price of cow milk increased by Rs 4 per litre and the procurement price of the buffalo milk increased by Rs 6 per litre. The new price is effective from Monday 19th Aug 2019. The decision for the increase in the milk price has been taken by the government very earlier but the annoucement is little late.

The hiked price of Aavin milk has been given below:-
Blue Sachet tonned milk price hiked from Rs 37 to Rs 43 per Litre
Double tonned Magenta Sachet milk price hiked from Rs 34 to Rs 40 per Litre
Standardised Milk Green Sachet milk price hiked from Rs 41 to Rs 47 per Litre
Full cream Milk Orange Sachet milk price hiked from Rs 44 to Rs 51 per Litre

The Government of the Tamilnadu said that the milk price has been increased to provide quality milk. The opposition DML leader M.K Stalin said that Government is responsible for burderning the people with high cost milk. 
The Government of the Tamilnadu said that the milk price has been increased to provide quality milk. The opposition DML leader M.K Stalin said that Government is responsible for burderning the people with high cost milk. 

The maintaince of the cattle is gone by up in recent years due to which the dairy farmer and cooperatives have been making repeated representations to the Government of Tamil Nadu to increase the milk price. In 2014 Jayalitha Government increased the milk price by Rs 10 per litre.

Aavin's Main market is in Chennai, where it sells 12 lakh litres per day. A vast majority of milk consumers hold milk cards for which Rs 3 per litre is less then the MRP. The people of Tamil Nadu is not happy with the increase in the milk price. The private milk price also increased the milk price silently.
Flavoured Milk
Aavin Milk cooperative is very unique in Chennai and it really set the trend for milk products. Aavin has an automatic vending machine which was really amazing and fascinating to me. These automatic vending machines would flow milk from the dispensing plastic tap into the container on the drop of the tokens one at a time into the slot. Many people get amused by the way Aavin vending machines deliver milk mostly people who are from village where they would have seen actual process on a daily basis. Aavin gives us various milk products and one of the my favourite is Aavin's Flavoured Milk, Yelakkaai (Elaichi) one. The Aavin milk also offers other flavours like vanilla, Badam, Strawberry, Cardamom, Pista and Pineapple flavours.
Aavin milk available in Qatar
Aavin Milk manufactured by the state cooperative Aavin milk products was introduced in Middle East Qatar's capital Doha. The Tamilnadu goverenment also exported to Singapore and Hong Kong.

Around 15,000 litres of Aavin milk products, have been sent to Qatar in the first phase in tetra packs of 1 liter along with other products like Aavin Ghee and flavoured milk. The Tamilnadu goverenment sent a container with a capacity of 15,000 litres to Doha along with Aavin Ghee. Aavin is planning to export 5 containers a month.

Aavin also exported around 2.4 lakh litres had been exported to Singapore and 10,000 litres to Hong Kong. It took 25 days to each the respective countried from Chennai Tamilnadu, heated at a particular temparature and packed in tetra packs, will remain fresh for many months.

Aavin milk products received customs node to export Ghee is also for Gulf countries like Kuwait to market its products. Cooking Ghee has a very good demand in Kuwait.
Aavin Milk Products
Bos Indicus in India A2 Milk
A2 Milk is produced by humped cow called Bos Indicus in India. A1 milk is produced by the humpless western cow Bos Taurus. A2 milk is very good for health where as A1 milk produced Bos Taurus is very toxic to health. The white man foreigner said Bos Indicus gives very less milk per day. The number of litres of milk given in a day is considered by white man foreigner fools. The wise men from India calculated the number of litres per YEAR. The Indian Bos Indicus lactates three times more in a year as compared to the humpless western cow Bos Taurus.
Bos Indicus is a ZERO maintenance cow, where Bos Taurus keeps eating and drinking throughout the day. The Bos Taurus falls sick very often and has to be pumped with antibiotics. Bos Taurus farts methane gas every day. We do the Agnihotra rituals in India it is imperative that we use ghee from A2 milk produced by the Indian cow. Negative effects caused by Ghee produced from A1 milk.



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Food Adultetration in Chennai
Recycled food are served in restaurants across Chennai. The food that are left over are being server in all big restaurants in Chennai in the name of discounted buffe system. Poor food quality and poor quality of packaged drinking water are also sold to regular customers who love to eat out on a daily basis. We have to educate the manufacturers and food vendors on how to maintain high food quality.

The food quality department receives complaints and forwards it to the designated officers in that particular disctrict. These officers are rquired to investigate this complaint and send a report back to the office within 24 hours of time. Mny of the complaints are from the roadside food eateries and their unhygienic and inferior quality of food.

Public in Chennai is keep complaining that the milk is highly contaminated and it has been mixed with harful chemicals. Hotel and restaurants supply contaminated milk and milk products. The traders and owners are fighting to maintian the quality of food.