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Bos Indicus in India A2 Milk
A2 Milk is produced by humped cow called Bos Indicus in India. A1 milk is produced by the humpless western cow Bos Taurus. A2 milk is very good for health where as A1 milk produced Bos Taurus is very toxic to health. The white man foreigner said Bos Indicus gives very less milk per day. The number of litres of milk given in a day is considered by white man foreigner fools. The wise men from India calculated the number of litres per YEAR. The Indian Bos Indicus lactates three times more in a year as compared to the humpless western cow Bos Taurus.
Bos Indicus is a ZERO maintenance cow, where Bos Taurus keeps eating and drinking throughout the day. The Bos Taurus falls sick very often and has to be pumped with antibiotics. Bos Taurus farts methane gas every day. We do the Agnihotra rituals in India it is imperative that we use ghee from A2 milk produced by the Indian cow. Negative effects caused by Ghee produced from A1 milk.
Autistic and schizophrenic persons typically excrete large quantities of BCM7 in their urine.
In our ancient scriptures written by our ancestors stated that the Bos Indicus has a unique Surya Ketu Nadi on her back. Bos Indicus blood has gold salts which produces miracles. We get copper from Bos Indicus urine because of this nadi.

Some of the side effects of drinking A1 milk from Bos Taurus are listed below:-
- Autism,
- Diabetes-type 1
- Sudden death Syndrome in infants
- Ulcerative colitis,
- Cardiac problems
- Multiple sclerosis,
- Mental disorders
- Parkinsons
- Schizophrenia.
- Obesity
- Arteriosclerosis
- Intolerance bloating
Man can live on A2 milk of the humped Indian cow alone. Now the western people know the value of A2 milk from Bos Indicus and now secretly engaged in smuggling from our desi cows embryos from India. The US people has found found out that several decades ago the A2 milk from Bos Indicus of Indian humped cows is only beneficial, as it has micronutrients like cytokines and minerals which enhance the immune system (A2 beta-casein protein).

There are now in the agenda of converting their useless A1 cows to A2 cows . They come to India for embryos of the Punganur cow and the Vechur cow - -as a result of which these cows is now almost extinct. The ghee of Vechur cows was used in Ayurveda to produce medicines and lehyams.  Even today there there is no mechanism to check illegal export of embryos at sea ports in refrigerated containers.


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Food Adultetration in Chennai
Recycled food are served in restaurants across Chennai. The food that are left over are being server in all big restaurants in Chennai in the name of discounted buffe system. Poor food quality and poor quality of packaged drinking water are also sold to regular customers who love to eat out on a daily basis. We have to educate the manufacturers and food vendors on how to maintain high food quality.

The food quality department receives complaints and forwards it to the designated officers in that particular disctrict. These officers are rquired to investigate this complaint and send a report back to the office within 24 hours of time. Mny of the complaints are from the roadside food eateries and their unhygienic and inferior quality of food.

Public in Chennai is keep complaining that the milk is highly contaminated and it has been mixed with harful chemicals. Hotel and restaurants supply contaminated milk and milk products. The traders and owners are fighting to maintian the quality of food.
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